This easy to use christmas tree stand ensures your lovely tree is upright, sturdy, stable, safe and watered. Measures 36cm diameter, takes upto an 8ft tree.

Easy Lock Tree Stand

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Be Happy Knowing Your Tree Is Sturdy And Watered.

Measures 36cm Diameter

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Product Description

This plastic EasyLock Christmas tree stand has mono-cable technology with foot pedal operation for easy use. It really is so easy to use and pretty much your tree is vertical on the first go! Made of very durable tough green plastic it blends in under your tree.

Fitted with a safety lock this superb Christmas tree stand provides secure bracing of the tree. An inbuilt pop-up water level indicator shows when its generous water reservoir needs replenishing. The cable tightens around the tree trunk firmly with the aid of a ratchet foot pedal.

  • The safety lock ensures clamps won’t accidentally open.
  • Maximum water level indicated by the pop up gauge.
Trunk size: Up to 12cm (4.5″) Water capacity: 2.90 litres Size: Overall 36cm dia
  • Mono-cable holds the tree inplace
  • Foot pedal ratchet clamping
  • Safety lock
  • Generous water reservoir
  • Pop-up water gauge
  • Saves lower branches

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