Chrome Shallow 6


Lovely Finish

Super Size!

48 x 64 x 64cm


This shallow chrome 6 branch chandelier is adorned in cut glass droplets that reflect the light.  A simply stunning chandelier that works well in rooms that have lower ceilings because of its shallow profile.  Each bulb branch has a cit glass cup that again his covered in multi drops, this really is a WOW!  The modern chrome finish is super shiny and doesn’t have to be in an ‘old’ house, these lights especially with this modern colour and shiny finish, look fabulous in modern situations too- whether a brand new apartment or a modern house extension.  My favourite is in the hallway so the glass drops may catch the sunlight. If your really don’t have ceiling height then don’t despair these shallow chandeliers work in the centre of a room over a dining table or a bed for instance.  48 x 64 x 64cm Available in other colours too; gold, silver, cream, black, bronze.

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Weight 9.2 kg