Cacti In Glass Pot


They Really Are Unbelievably Real!

20 x 14 x 14cm

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Decorate and add colour to your home or office with this group glass potted cacti.  There are 3 types of cacti within the contemporary straight glass pot.  Each variant is different in texture, style and colouration but all complement each other.  Each within an angular concrete coloured pot.  Fake soil adds the extra believable detail.  Succulents really are very deceiving whether real or fake??  On close inspection they are quite clearly fake , it takes close inspection to realise that!  The texture, feel, colouration and detailing is of such great quality that this is superb value for money.   I really do find these work wonderfully in any room in any home to give it all year round colour and interest.  Never worry about killing them and they will never grow too big for its space either!

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