Wall Scissors


huge wall scissors
huge wall scissors

76 x 30 x 2cm

See The Scale Next To A £2 Coin!


This pair of huge aluminium wall scissors decor will look the part in your hairdressing salon or barbers shop. When your customers walk in they are bound to say “look at the size of those huge wall scissors, aren’t they amazing!! ”  Much better than pictures of hairdo’s!  These huge wall scissors will add a sharp modern look to your wall.  Extremely well made , with a solid feel, these wall scissors are huge wall scissors 76 x 30 x 2cm and are moveable, they are not fixed.  They have a secure wall fixing at the back which can be altered so they can be hung either open or closed, Or with the handles at the top or the bottom depending on your preference.  Being of polished aluminium, these huge aluminium wall scissors don’t need much cleaning, they will stay tarnish free for many a year to come.  Looking for a quirky item?, something different for your wall? This fits the bill!

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Weight 5 kg