Gold Shallow 6


My Favourite!

Great Colour, Size And Style

48 x 64 x 64cm


What can we say about this beautiful gold shallow chandelier 6 branch that the picture doesn’t already tell you? Plenty!! This is one of our best selling chandeliers and is one of my personal favourites. This really is a superior item comprising both quality and style with a classic look and feel. Whichever area you choose to hang this gold shallow chandelier 6 will not only be well lit, but will be transformed into an area of beauty. This amazing gold chandelier comes with 6 branches, dripping with crystals (there are over 100 in total) for that extra wow factor and takes 6 candle style bulbs. The dimensions of this amazing item are 48 x 64 x 64cm. It is referred to as shallow as it doesn’t require the height of some of our other wonderful chandeliers. Very simple to hang, this gold shallow chandelier could well be that finishing touch you are looking for. Add brightness, style and sophistication to your lovely home and even the occasional rainbow will be cast when the sunlight hits some of the hundred plus crystals adorning this amazing chandelier!

Ideal for an entrance hall to wow your visitors, as a centre piece to a living room or indeed add a touch of style to your dining room. This gold shallow 6 chandelier is both stylish and versatile. There is bound to be a room in your lovely home that would be enhanced by this gorgeous chandelier.

Please do take a look around our on-line store as there are hundreds more wonderful items to be seen. If this gold shallow chandelier 6 branch is not the one you are looking for, we have many many more chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and other lighting items. Our lavish selection of gifts, mirrors, french furniture, lamps, chandeliers and vintage style home accessories will inspire you.  Updating a bedroom perhaps?  Starting afresh in an exciting new home?  Revamping a living room? Or simply adding refreshing feature accents to your home, we are your one stop vintage shop!

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Weight 10 kg