Children’s Drawers


Stacked Children’s Books Make Up This Lovely Set Of Secret Drawers

55 x 46 x 32cm

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This childrens books drawers bring something very different and unusual into your home.  This small chest of drawers looks like a stack of antique style books piled up on one another, with no drawer knobs the illusion is great!  A very sturdy set of drawers that is small enough to use beside a bed or next to a chair as a lamp table.  Its finish is durable and hard wearing; I spilt a pint of water over one to test it! I waited 20 minutes before I wiped it off – no water mark left behind!  The books stacked up here are children’s classics like Treasure Island and Winnie the Pooh hence being a set of children’s books drawers.  There are 2 other similar book drawers available, please take a look! 55 x 46 x 32cm

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